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39 of 40 days to 2015: social media channels

Uncategorized Nov 24, 2014

Tip 39: An effective strategy begins with using the best channels.

You have the obvious channels, also consider industry specific blogs and forums. You may want to spend time engaging on those sites as well.

It all comes down to time and research. Research to know your audience. Schedule time not only post but to also engage.

Social Media Today article: difference in social media channels.

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The ANROMA- Team

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40 days to 2015!

Uncategorized Nov 23, 2014

Day 40: Know your audience.

  • Who is your target audience, which social mediums do they use?
  • Market research can help you determine: what to say & where to say it.
  • Understanding your target market will help you in your online and offline efforts.
  • Knowing your audience is vital for your social media efforts to know which platform is best for you.
  • Not all platforms are necessary for all brands.
  • Not all messages are appropriate for all social media channels.

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The ANROMA- Team

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Socialize Your Brand: LinkedIn Profile

Uncategorized Mar 27, 2013

Source: [email protected]

I came across this awesome infographic on LinkedIn today - thought I should share.


  1. Keywords in Your Profile
    This is important for any online profile. Your brand, keywords, and name on any social media or website adds to your SEO. Be sure to be consistent with the words you use. Take time to figure out which keywords you should be using.
  2. Who Do You Want to Be Seen As?
    LinkedIn is not Facebook - and it certainly isn't MySpace (Circa 2007). Remember your audience and goal on LinkedIn. Although personalization is very important. You want to limit what you post. Keep it professional, your next employer could be reading this.
  3. Tell Us Your Story
    Be real. Don't be so over the top with your bullet points of all your accomplishment. Give enough information to get someone interested in learning more.
  4. Use a Professional Profile Photo
    Use your best judgment. Maybe you don't have time to go have a professional photo taken. At least be in business/business casual...
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Social Business: Marketing Benefits + Expectations

Uncategorized Jan 15, 2013

Having clear expectations will make more sense of your social business efforts.

When we think Social Media for our business. Many people mainly look to turn sales, understandable. Chances are you have a staff member adding social to their list of responsibilities, taking them away from other projects. Or you've hired an outside social media firm to do your social business and you'd like a quick ROI. Either way you have resources being used to fuel this social mission. It's important to have a realistic expectation of what Social Business is actually going to accomplish. In a 2012 study, professional marketers were asked to quantify their efforts - here are the results.

"Myth & Skepticism: For many, social media springs TMI (too much information) status messages on Facebook, adorably annoying cat videos on YouTube, and people going on and on about nothing. However, businesses must look beyond the shallow surface of social. Beyond lies a wide open field for people to learn more...

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Consider Your Social Influence - via Blog

Uncategorized Jun 18, 2012

Read an article written by Margaret Hernandez, Consider Your Social Influence. BLOG Post

Margaret talks about the Top 5 Considerations for your business and social media

  1. Do I have a social presence?
  2. Am I an ‘influencer’ in my market?
  3. Am I reaching my target audience?
  4. Am I spending enough (quality) time online?
  5. Have I created a strategy to reach my social goals?

If you have questions about the NAWBO organization, please let us know. We are active members of the organization - and we enjoy every minute of it!


Office: 626-344-8645
Email: [email protected]

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100 Customer Service Quotes

Uncategorized Jun 03, 2012

1. "Customer Service Excellence goes beyond a single transaction."

Customer Service Excellence is a business culture
and the product of a well thought out
Customer Relationship Strategy." -Margaret M. Hernandez

2. "The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary." - Sam Walton, Founder of Wal-Mart 

3. "Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning." - Bill Gates

4. "It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change." - Charles Darwin

5. "It is not the employer who pays the wages. Employers only handle the money. It is the customer who pays the wages." - Henry Ford 

6. "Well done is better than well said." - Benjamin Franklin 

7. "Spend a lot of time talking to customers face to face. You’d be amazed how many companies don’t listen to their customers." - Ross Perot

8. "Kind words can be short and easy...

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