40 days to 2015! Nov 23, 2014

Day 40: Know your audience.

  • Who is your target audience, which social mediums do they use?
  • Market research can help you determine: what to say & where to say it.
  • Understanding your target market will help you in your online and offline efforts.
  • Knowing your audience is vital for your social...
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Socialize Your Brand: LinkedIn Profile Mar 27, 2013

Source: [email protected]

I came across this awesome infographic on LinkedIn today - thought I should share.


  1. Keywords in Your Profile
    This is important for any online profile. Your brand, keywords, and name on any social media or website adds to your SEO. Be sure to be consistent with...
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Social Business: Marketing Benefits + Expectations Jan 15, 2013

Having clear expectations will make more sense of your social business efforts.

When we think Social Media for our business. Many people mainly look to turn sales, understandable. Chances are you have a staff member adding social to their list of responsibilities, taking them away from other...

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Consider Your Social Influence - via NAWBOLA.org Blog Jun 18, 2012

Read an article written by Margaret Hernandez, Consider Your Social Influence. NAWBOLA.org BLOG Post

Margaret talks about the Top 5 Considerations for your business and social media

  1. Do I have a social presence?
  2. Am I an ‘influencer’ in my market?
  3. Am I reaching my target audience?
  4. Am...
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100 Customer Service Quotes Jun 03, 2012

1. "Customer Service Excellence goes beyond a single transaction."

Customer Service Excellence is a business culture
and the product of a well thought out
Customer Relationship Strategy." -Margaret M. Hernandez

2. "The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best but...

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