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Industry Spotlight: Young, Wild + Friedman

Industry Spotlight, by Faryn Maya Seiden 

Who They Are: Young, Wild & Friedman is a family-owned business that creates sensory kits and activities for kids. The brand started as a blog in 2017 by Julie Friedman, inspired by her research into the benefits of sensory play to help calm anxiety and encourage language development for one of her children. Today she can hardly keep the kits in stock, and has built a loyal customer base of monthly kit subscribers and fans.
What They Do: The brand has grown organically, building a loyal following through Julie's blog and Instagram. Her early content showcased the creative activities and crafts she did with her kids, and eventually her own kits once she launched her business. Her business strategy is to launch a new themed kit each month, giving customers the option to “subscribe and save” through a monthly membership plan.
Why We Love It: This small business keeps their digital marketing simple,...
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Industry Spotlight: Love Opens Windows by House of Noa

Industry Spotlight by Faryn Maya Seiden

We are excited to introduce “Industry Spotlight” -- an educational and inspirational series highlighting small businesses from across all industries who are Flexing THEIR Influence. Enjoy!

Who They Are: The House of Noa produces beautiful and functional floor mats for play, kitchen and everyday. Founded by a mom in 2016 and run by a team of her friends, the brand has grown quickly and built a loyal following among their target audience.
What They Did: In response to COVID-19 the team created the “Love Opens Windows” fundraising campaign to support NYC hospitals. The #loveopenswindows campaign features hand-illustrated merchandise by the House of Noa designer, Sophia Vincent Guy.
Why We Love It: The campaign is unique and credible coming from the House of Noa, leveraging their in-house designer and extending the aesthetic from the main product line in a new and creative way. The proposition is simple: for...
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When an awesome brand decides to amp up their online presence

brands we love friends Aug 14, 2018

Meet The Baker Group

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn @Tbakergrp

I met Tammy and team at the NAWBO Women's Business Conference event. They have produced the event for years! Before I met them or knew who they were, I experienced their work.  The NAWBO Women's Business Conference is THE event for women business owners. 

About three years ago I met them and fell in love with their amazing attitude, work ethic, teamwork, and most importantly their ideas! They truly think of the things, above and beyond. They are experts in what they do.

Recently Tammy wanted to take her social media to the next level, and I was so glad to guide her through the process. 

When an awesome brand, like TBG, decides to amp up their online presence - they open themselves up to new opportunities. To be found, add value to their community, and build brand credibility. I'm so excited for the TBG team.

Every month they produce amazing high-level events.  And the goal is to inspire and...

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