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The Awesome Challenge blogs from @fmseiden business owner advice flexyourinfluence Aug 12, 2021

Tell us your business is awesome, without telling us your business is awesome.

If your content is feeling a little stale, never fear — you are not alone. Keeping your content fresh, relevant and eye-catching can feel like an endless cycle without a plan in place. The key is finding new ways...

Why We Persevere blogs from @fmseiden business owner advice flexyourinfluence Jun 08, 2021

To persevere is to continue in a course of action even in the face of difficulty or with little or no prospect of success. Or as our Founder & CEO describes, “doing the hard things after you’ve already done the hard things.”

So why do we do the hard things again and again?...

End Of Year Planning (It's Not Too Late!) business owner advice digital marketing flexyourinfluence Nov 09, 2020

Suddenly, it's mid-November. Are you ready to take on the end-of-year push?

If you know anything about our team, you know that we love to plan. We love the planning process, we love the planning tools. We love a digital plan and we love an old fashioned plan on paper. Post-its, highlighters,...

Featured: West Coast Magazine featured flexyourinfluence socializela news Sep 22, 2020

"Women Who Wow" featuring Margaret Brown, Founder + CEO, SocializeLA.com

"Women Who Wow" is an annual feature in West Coast Magazine in partnership with Luminary Leaders. This year, 6 exceptional women made the list and we could not be more PROUD to be included! West Coast Magazine is celebrating...

Industry Spotlight: Drybar brands we love digital marketing flexyourinfluence women business owners Aug 03, 2020
Industry Spotlight, by Faryn Maya Seiden
Who They Are: Drybar is the nation’s premiere blow dry bar specializing in just blowouts -- no cuts, no color! Their founder Alli Webb revolutionized the beauty industry with this simple concept in 2010. Today, Drybar has over 100 locations in...
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