Why We Persevere

blogs from @fmseiden business owner advice flexyourinfluence Jun 08, 2021

To persevere is to continue in a course of action even in the face of difficulty or with little or no prospect of success. Or as our Founder & CEO describes, “doing the hard things after you’ve already done the hard things.”

So why do we do the hard things again and again? Why do we persevere to learn more, build more, teach more, offer more, DO more?

Because we can! And we love what we do. It’s actually that simple. We enjoy helping small business owners harness the power of digital marketing and use it to grow, scale, profit and thrive.

It’s not always easy, and it doesn’t always make for a pretty Instagram Story. The truth is, we make mistakes. We misstep. But we learn from these experiences, and we keep going. We persevere to be the best business partners to our clients, the best mentors to our #FlexYourInfluence Members, and the best teammates to our colleagues. 

Perseverance is in our DNA, but it’s also a conscious effort.

We have found that in business, as in life, sometimes you can do all the “right things” and still not get the results you want. That’s where perseverance comes into play. Doing the hard things again and again, learning, getting better, and doing them again until you see progress. The repetition builds muscle and trains your body and mind not to give up in the face of adversity.

Some of our clients started working with us after being on our email list for years. YEARS. It wasn’t the right time, until it was. We could have given up on them, taken them off our list. And now we are helping them take their incredible businesses to the next level. We couldn’t be more proud!

Which brings us to our last point - don’t forget to celebrate your wins! It can be easy to look ahead, set goals, and move on to the next challenge. It can also be easy to fall into the comparison trap and think, “yes I did this thing but look at what THEY are doing. I’m not even close to that level.”

This is not healthy, and it’s also not fun. And why do any of this if it isn’t fun?!

So let’s continue to persevere together, and take time to celebrate our wins. Big and small. 🎉

~Faryn and the SocializeLA Team