End Of Year Planning (It's Not Too Late!)

business owner advice digital marketing flexyourinfluence Nov 09, 2020

Suddenly, it's mid-November. Are you ready to take on the end-of-year push?

If you know anything about our team, you know that we love to plan. We love the planning process, we love the planning tools. We love a digital plan and we love an old fashioned plan on paper. Post-its, highlighters, stickers -- yep we love those too. But beyond the "fun" aspects of planning, the thing we love the most is the impact it has on our clients' businesses.

Get started on your end of year plan with 3 simple steps:

  1. Define your end of year goals. We always recommend setting "Smart Goals" that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound.
  2. Understand the mindset of your target audience. Consider how to serve your customers this holiday season, when staying at home is the new going out.
  3. Build an action plan and write it down somewhere (anywhere!) Define how you will achieve your smart goals and close out the year strong.

Ready to fall in love with planning in 2021? Take a page from our book with the #FlexYourInfluence Master Planner: https://www.socializela.com/planner 

Wishing you all a successful end of year!

- Margaret & The SocializeLA.com Team