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Customer Experience 101

In recent years, the concept of "customer experience" has gone from something that was limited to a (sometimes short-staffed) customer service team to the forefront of every business decision for leading companies around the world.

Think: Kelly Kapoor from The Office

Today, customer experience is everything.

It has the power to make or break a business faster than ever before, and the ones doing it well are using customer experience to drive all major business and marketing decisions.

Being customer centric means having the end-user as the focus for every business decision. This applies across the entire customer journey; successful businesses today understand the value in providing the best possible experience every step of the way.

Why is this important?

  • Understanding the customer ensures business decisions are tied to customer interests.
  • Learn from valuable and often unexpected insights that come from listening to a wide range of customers and potential customers.

How is it...

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Calm the Chaos - with Lisa Pepper Satkin!

resources May 17, 2018

DOWNLOAD the 7 -Steps Here! Receive your FREE 7-step process which will help you calm the chaos in your life! Implement these steps today. 

Lisa is a trusted resource and has  been a friend of SocializeLA.  She continues to help business owners, executives, and professionals clear their path to reach new heights. 


Lisa will share with you this fantastic tool she teaches to help people understand what is getting in their way.

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