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What is Vero? Should you Care?

Question/Short Answer:

1) If being on every social media platform is important to you. Then Yes. Do it :) I did. 

2) If checking things out for yourself is important to you, then yes! 

(My most recent VERO post)

As an agency owner staying on top of trends, new software, and industry news is MIGHTY important.  I read articles daily from my trusted source. Recently I've been seeing VERO pop up on more than one occasion. They've been doing a ton of PR. So I took the plunge.  I don't generally jump onto every new platform that rears its head.  I tend to go with my gut.

Vero is touching on the points that have so many social media users annoyed with Facebook and Instagram (the main culprits).  People are tired of the feed, the ads, the bots/phishing and the data mining. Vero's WHY is noble. They want to make a social network that's about the people. Vero means truth in Esperanto.

My hesitation, my vero: Social networks are expensive to maintain, launch,...

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