Should I Hire a Digital Marketing Agency (or In-House Marketer)?

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Should I Hire a Digital Marketing Agency (or In-House Marketer)?
Should I Hire a Digital Marketing Agency (or In-House Marketer)?

We can agree, marketing is a key component to any successful business. You have to get the word out there about what you do, why you do it, and why you LOVE doing it! The success of a business depends upon the clients and the customers you get to serve. Strategic marketing needs to happen, it's just a question of who's going to do it.

Regardless of whether the business is selling a service or product, it is critical to maintain continuous, active engagement with the clients and potential clients you serve. Companies who prioritize their public experience will reap the benefits.

Marketing - Hire In-House or Hire a Digital Marketing Agency?

So, marketing is important to the overall and future success of your company, and you'll need to employ individuals who are well-versed and professionally trained in the marketing industry. The question remains as to which approach is most effective for you. Is it best to add an individual or a team of individuals to the company team for in-house work? Should the marketing professional or professionals work in the office, alongside the existing employees, and everyday company life? Or is it best to hire a marketing agency or contractor. We can compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of these two options. As an agency we look for the best option for our client.  Every scenario is different. Here's what to consider.

Pros and Cons

In-House Marketing Pros/Cons


  • work closely with team, day-to-day
  • better understand of your business operations
  • team bonding 


  • Higher costs to employ full-time
  • must pay for employee benefits - 401(k), insurance benefits
  • Who is going to manage this person? In a small business often times they will be the ones managing themselves and reporting to the owner. IF, the owner is not versed in digital marketing there could be a disconnect.

Outsourcing Pros/Cons


  • Generally lower costs
  • Depending on the agency you choose, you have MANY services under one roof.
  • Management responsibilities will be on the agency. (Reporting, KPI management, etc)
  • Access to their agency tools (should be a nice suite of tools used on your account)


  • Not in-house
  • Someone needs to be their point of contact for excellent communication practices
  • As the agency gets to know the company there can be a learning curve.

Other variables:

  • Your knowledge of digital marketing, how comfortable are you at managing success? 
  • Your budget
  • Who is your target audience
  • What are your goals

These questions scratch the surface on determining the answer to this question. 

Communication, expertise, and trust are the essentials at the end of the day!

All roads to execution should begin with strategy.

An in house marketer is great for instant communication. I've also seen how in-house marketers end up with many new tasks taking the focus OFF marketing. I've also seen where the in-house marketer needs guidance, which is why we launched our outsourced CMO service to help manage your in-house team.

Outsourced marketing also has many faces. Not all agencies/contractors are created equal. So the hiring of an agency can be a process as well.  You can get quotes from $500 - $5000+ retainers. Make sure you are comparing apples to apples. 

Our agency focuses on services for small - medium sized businesses. With our hybrid social media services starting at $500, which can be the answer for one company, but not ENOUGH for another. But of course we have a full done-for-you suite of social media services starting at $1500. You can also turn around and do your homework and you may receive quotes for multiple-thousands. 

You may want to enter the space with a trusted colleague who can help you navigate. If you've found yourself on this blog, I'd love to be your trusted partner. We may or may not be the agency that'll work for your needs, either way we can help you find the way. 

A great digital marketing agency can overcome the cons listed here by truly becoming part of your culture and team. 

A great employee can also overcome the cons by being super organized, skilled, and self-starting. 

Whatever you decide we wish you all the success. 

If you need some additional assistance with your marketing, contact us.

Be wildly excited about the possibilities!

-Margaret Brown