The Hybrid 

Welcome! Until now you had two ways to work with SocializeLA. We either did everything OR you did everything. Both solutions have helped hundreds of businesses. But like many businesses we wanted to innovate our offerings to make sure we're addressing the real problems.

Which is when we thought of our hybrid offerings. Where we provide you customized content for your company and you or your team schedules the posts. With this option you also get access to our #FlexYourInfluence Membership to make sure you are fully supported.

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Choose your hybrid option

For each package the content is delivered to you the week before the new month. You or your team schedules the content. We help you set up your process. Each package includes one or two CMO sessions with you to discuss ideas, progress, and more. Additional services are available at your request.

Next-Level Hybrid


Social Media

Monthly Content Template

10 Social Media Images with copy Monthly

1 Reel



VIP #FlexYourInfluence Membership Learn More

1 @Hand CMO Session Monthly

Next Level

Captain Hybrid


Social Media

Monthly Content Template

12 Social Media Images with Copy Monthly

10 Stories

2 Reels

1 Blog


VIP #FlexYourInfluence Membership Learn More

1 @Hand CMO Sessions Monthly



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