(Some) Elements to an engaged membership 🏆

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🏆 Enjoy increased membership, partner participation, and event attendees!

Imagine having the energy, buy-in, and participation of sports fans for your association. Maybe you do, maybe you definitely see a bit of that level of energy. 

Associations are unique in that your goals generally revolve around engaged members, a growing list of sponsors/partners, and attendees to your events (and probably much more).

The truth is, engage your members and the rest will take care of themselves. I mean there's always work to be done, but it's certainly a key element.

What's the formula to engaged members? Associations of all types and sizes deal with this same issue.  Members join, some stay, some don't, some participate, and some don't. There are definitely many variables, but we know we have a formula that works to at least push that needle way up. 


1: 🎯 Identify your top goals first and foremost 

For example, these goals vary from association to association - but this is a great start:

  • Grow membership numbers
  • Grow the number of engaged members (identify what ‘engaged’ means in your association)
  • Increase sponsorship and partner participation and contribution
  • Fundraise
  • Increase Webinar and LIVE event attendance
  • Raise brand awareness (grow following and engagement)
  • Grow your email list
  • Increase email subscriber engagement with emails

Also: Attach quantifiable milestones to each goal

  • Benchmark where you are today

  • Create a tool to track month after month

  • Create milestone goals

#FlexYourInfluence Pro-Tip: Your plan should have activities based on WEEKLY, MONTHLY, and ANNUAL planning.

2: 📅 Conversations that need to happen 

Act on the ideas you discovered when you identified the goals of your organization. And put together a plan.


  • Create monthly themes to support continuity and strategy throughout the year. 
  • Set goals, milestones, and measurable KPI’s.
  • Review past performance.


  • Review performance from the previous month.
  • Create your plan for the new month by consulting your annual plan (theme, KPI’s, etc…)


  • Create your content and copy (keep it EXCITING)
  • Engage, Engage, Engage! Don’t just make time to post content be sure to get out and LIKE, COMMENT, and SHARE the content of your target audience. 

3: 💎 Always move from a place of CLARITY

Stay aligned with your goals and your plan. Stay organized. When you feel overwhelmed get help. Utilize our team to support you.

Identify and document the following:

  • Personnel: team members, partners, vendors
  • Align your Weekly, Monthly, and Annual marketing activities with your goals and KPI's
  • Seek help when you're lost.
  • Review your social media, website, and other analytics regularly.
  • Organize login information for all platforms (this becomes a real issue when it's a mess)
  • Identify your association's procedure for collecting various pieces of content and copy, where is it store, how is it approved, etc...

There is more with this came from, but I don’t want to overwhelm you. If you start here and get a good groove you can build on the success and evolve your content and strategy.

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