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10 Benefits of Engaging a Fractional CMO cmo Apr 14, 2024

[Message from Margaret, Your Fractional CMO + Friend!]

The list below highlights key benefits, but I understand the common challenge small businesses face: uncertainty about whether a candidate truly aligns with your specific goals. When making such significant decisions, it’s essential to...

2024 Small Business Resources! Nov 25, 2023

As your fractional CMO, clients and colleagues appreciate the network of resources we have when they need solutions. As we transition to the new year we were inspired to put together a guide of resources for businesses. This list will grow.

Bring on the support!

If you have any questions...

(Some) Elements to an engaged membership 🏆 association associations cmo social media Mar 16, 2023

Enjoy increased membership, partner participation, and event attendees!

Imagine having the energy, buy-in, and participation of sports fans for your association. Maybe you do, maybe you definitely see a bit of that level of energy. 

Associations are unique in that your goals generally...

NAWBO LA's commitment to women business owners associations brands we love business owner advice partnerships Mar 16, 2023

As a woman-owned company, we can't thank our advocates enough. The National Association of Women Business Owners have been instrumental to the growth of our agency. NAWBOLA specifically has been a part of our history and we stand with them on this 2023 Advocacy Agenda! 

If you have...

The place to START or REALIGN at hand cmo blogs from @margmarieb digital marketing Mar 16, 2023

We put together this graphic to hopefully stir up ideas, a little motivation, and answer your questions. The elements found here were among the biggest hurdles organizations encountered when attempting to launch strategic and consistent content!  

The three biggest hurdles:

  • I don't...