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Day 36 of #40to2015: Improve Your LIKEability Nov 27, 2014

Your online presence shouldn't be all about YOU.
All about your posts:

  • Constant selling
  • Sales promotions
  • Self-promoting

You definitely want to talk about your accomplishments, there's a time and a place to toot your own horn. However, you want your audience to LIKE you so you need to stay...

Day 37 of 40 days to 2015 Nov 25, 2014

Be flexible and be ready to adjust your strategy as needed.

As we discuss strategy and targeting the right audience you have to know your first attempts may not be the first and only.

It's important to analyze and change your efforts if needed. Test wording, images, tag lines, call-to-action.


39 of 40 days to 2015: social media channels Nov 23, 2014

Tip 39: An effective strategy begins with using the best channels.

You have the obvious channels, also consider industry specific blogs and forums. You may want to spend time engaging on those sites as well.

It all comes down to time and research. Research to know your audience. Schedule time not...

40 days to 2015! Nov 22, 2014

Day 40: Know your audience.

  • Who is your target audience, which social mediums do they use?
  • Market research can help you determine: what to say & where to say it.
  • Understanding your target market will help you in your online and offline efforts.
  • Knowing your audience is vital for your social...