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The more WE know! blogs from @fmseiden business owner advice digital marketing tips Aug 04, 2022

We’re more than halfway through the year – do you know where your analytics are?

Setting goals and tracking performance analytics can be daunting. We get it. But, as the management guru Peter Drucker famously said, “you can’t manage what you don’t measure.”


Have you found your #WorkPLAYce? business owner advice team workplayce Jun 30, 2022

It’s not all fun and games. (But it’s some fun and games!)

If you are a member of the SocializeLA community you’ve probably heard the term, “WorkPLAYce.” Maybe you’ve seen our photos on the #WorkPLAYce hashtag or experienced the concept firsthand at one of our...

Recharging on the go. blogs from @fmseiden business owner advice digital marketing tips May 19, 2022

Here we are, almost halfway through the year and busier. Then. Ever. In a good way!

These days we are always on the go – thrilled to be back to in-person events with our partners and clients. Whether we are in New York, LA, or somewhere in between we are making our presence known.

And as...

Growth? Growth! at hand cmo blogs from @margmarieb team Apr 21, 2022

Personal development IS professional development.

I never knew I liked the outdoors…let alone did I know I LOVED the outdoors. When I was in London I found a new passion in hiking.

It’s been a time to recharge, think, explore new ideas and just enjoy the sky and the sights. I’m...

Just do marketing. blogs from @fmseiden business owner advice digital marketing tips Mar 14, 2022

Q: What’s the secret to successful marketing?

A: Doing marketing. 

Sounds easy, right?

Just…do marketing!

Here’s the catch: you have to do it a lot. All the time. Consistently. 

Yes, having a strategy and best practices are important. But want to know what’s...