Recharging on the go.

blogs from @fmseiden business owner advice digital marketing tips May 19, 2022
Recharging on the go

Here we are, almost halfway through the year and busier. Then. Ever. In a good way!

These days we are always on the go – thrilled to be back to in-person events with our partners and clients. Whether we are in New York, LA, or somewhere in between we are making our presence known.

And as much as we thrive on the energy of our collaborative culture, it can also feel like we are running on empty at times.

In theory, we all understand the importance of “recharging” our minds, bodies, and creative spirit to avoid burnout and maintain focus. But with the ever-accelerating pace of life and business, how to find the time???

Our solution: the micro-recharge!

Maybe you don’t have time for a full spa day, but can you carve out 30 minutes for a pedicure?

If an afternoon hike isn’t realistic, can you take a walk around the block?

No time for a full Marie Kondo style spring cleaning? Declutter your desk!

We polled the SocializeLA team and here are a few of our favorite ideas:

  • Help someone! ❤️ Doing something small to help someone can make a big impact, and also serves as a micro-recharge for you. Can you run a quick errand for a neighbor, return someone's shopping cart to the store, or treat a stranger to coffee? 
  • Move your body! 🧘‍♀️ Schedule in a 20-30 minute workout, or walk around your office or neighborhood. Double bonus if you can get outside!
  • Off-screen focus! 🧩 Set up a puzzle, coloring book, or other non-digital craft that you can pick up for 15 minutes. Leave your phone in another room to increase your ability to focus.
  • Happy mail! 📬 Write a quick card to someone you haven't seen in a while, and put in the mail. Yes, the actual mailbox!
  • Take a shower! 🚿 And let your mind wander. (If you work from home, this can be in the middle of the day!)
  • Say hi to the sun! ☀️ Sit outside in the sun for 5 minutes. Simple!

Note: There will never be a “perfect” time to take a break and recharge. We challenge you to set a goal of trying one item from our list TODAY. Hit us up @SocializeLA and let us know how it goes by using the hashtag #microrecharge

You’ll thank us later, we promise.

~ Faryn & the SocializeLA Team