Align with your WHY.

Sep 28, 2017

Every day, day-in, day-out, we are doing. We're busy doing something. Going to work, taking care of ourselves (sometimes at the bare minimum), taking care of others, worrying, planning, running our own businesses, working on our careers, solving global issues in our minds, binge watching tv, and the list goes on. 

My name is Margaret, I own this digital marketing agency. I founded (ANROMA) in 2010. I didn't realize what I was doing when I first started doing it, but early on in my journey I laser focused myself with my WHY. 

WHYs can change. At the beginning of launching my business my WHY was to create a job for myself. In 2010, creative digital marketing jobs didn't exist. Fast forward to today my WHY is to be the person who I was created to be. To me, that means a lot, and I don't take it lightly. 

So EVERYTHING I do revolves around my one WHY. If a certain activity in my life isn't productive to my end goal, then I get rid of it. To show that I'm a little nuts, I have even deleted games/apps off of my phone because they take too much of my time. Sometimes I slip up, and that's ok - I just realign.

I woke up this morning needing to share this with you. It's a simple truth that we can put in our mind to help us make better decisions all day. I know we all want the best for ourselves and the people we care about. Don't worry about perfection, that will never happen. I hope that's not your WHY. Perfection is a figment of the imagination. Life is out of our control, you can't take everything personally. You just have to react and do according to your WHY.

Sometimes living in your WHY means:

Doing hard things
Taking Risks
Investing in yourself
Saying NO 
and many more things :)

As a wife, business owner, youth leader, daughter, niece, sister, aunt, cousin, and friend - I choose wisely how I commit my time. We have 168 hours in a week. I don't give them away. And you should never apologizing for prioritizing.

It's your life, it's your WHY, it's your business.

Have a great day!
Margaret Brown
Twitter @MargMarieB