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Social Media Cheat Sheet

Uncategorized Feb 10, 2017

It's important to keep your profile's looking great.  Here are some sizing you should know to optimize your profiles. 

2016-2017 Changes:

  • Pinterest board covers now square shaped.
  • LinkedIn personal profiles new design + changed features.
  • Pinterest profile picture enlarged.
  • LinkedIn company pages redesigned.
  • Facebook Cover Photo size updated to 828 pixels wide from 851.

Social Media Photo Sizes Quick Reference & Links
1200 x 1200 pixels square is ideal for Facebook and Instagram posts.
It also works well for Twitter images on desktop, and for Google+ and LinkedIn posts.

Facebook Photo Sizes
Facebook Page Cover photo: Reduced in width from 851 pixels to 828 (in 2016. Facebook Cover photo size: 828 x 315 desktop / 828 x 465 mobile

  • Facebook Profile photo size: upload 180 x 180
  • Facebook App / Tab thumbnail size: 111 x 74
  • Facebook Link preview size: min. 600 x 314
  • Facebook Photo post size: min. 504 x 504
  • Facebook Event Cover photo size: 1200 x 675

Twitter Photo Sizes

  • Twitter Header size: 1500 x 500
  • Twitter Profile size: 400 x 400
  • Tweeted Image size: 1024 x 512

LinkedIn Photo Sizes

  • LinkedIn profile “background banner”: Per LI, size is between 1000 x 425 pixels and 4,000 x 4,000 pixels.
  • Linked in profile picture: Per LI, size is between 400 x 400 pixels and 20,000 x 20,000 px.
  • LinkedIn blog post link proportions now perfectly match Facebook link shares!
  • LinkedIn photo share: 1200 x 1200 square looks best on desktop, but gets cropped to horizontal in the mobile feed.
  • LinkedIn Company cover photo size: 1536 x 768*.
  • LinkedIn logo size: 300 x 300 square. 

Pinterest Photo Sizes
December 2016: Pinterest board covers are now SQUARE. As of Summer 2016, the Pinterest profile picture appears larger, at 180 x 180. Upload even bigger for best results.
The ideal pin height is 1.5 to 2.8 times (reduced from 3.5 times) the width, which measures out at 736 pixels wide x 1104 to 2,061 pixels tall. Taller pins will be cropped in the stream on mobile.

  • Pinterest Profile Photo size: 180 x 180 or larger
  • Maximum pin width when clicked: 736
  • Board cover: suggested minimum 340 x 340

Instagram Photo Sizes

  • Instagram Profile Photo size: 110 x 110 minimum
  • Instagram photo size: use 1080 width for best quality

YouTube Photo Sizes

  • YouTube Channel Art size: 2560 x 1440
  • Be sure to check the template as cropping varies widely from TV to mobile to desktop
  • Video thumbnail: 1280 x 720
  • Channel icon: 800 x 800

Tumblr Photo Sizes
All sizes vary by theme.

  • Tumblr header size: Dependent on theme.
  • Tumblr profile photo size: minimum 128 x 128 jpg, gif, png, or bmp file.
  • Tumblr image post: Dash image size maximum 1,280 x 1,920, shows in feed at 500 x 750.

Images can’t exceed 10 MB.
Animated GIFS must be under 1 MB and max at 500 pixels.

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Have a great day!
Sara Hall
Social Media Content Writer,

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