Your Annual Digital Marketing Check-In

Aug 15, 2017

The mid-year review to ensure you're on track, revived, and making your efforts count.

The Summer season is coming to an end; which means we have reached the middle of the year. This is a great time for business owners and marketers to review what's working and what's not.

Yeah! No time like the present. 

Chances are you had great intentions for the year, and here we are - middle of August - and we need to look 2017 in the eye. Have we lived up to the intentions and plans?  No matter what you find, tomorrow is a new day. Here are some ideas to get you moving.  If you need some additional help schedule a call to chat with our team, click here.

Or watch our 13 min plan for the year video for a little more guidance with a handout >> FREE Plan the year course

The Mid-Year Review Check List:

1. Analysis of content: 
Take a look at your past blogs, social media posts, podcasts.  What did people love? Evaluate the feedback and your analytics - to help create future topics.  Content that performed well should either get a Part 2, update, or a spin-off. Give the people what they want. 
2. Do you have FAQs? 
Take your content a step further and identify what topics your prospects, clients, and colleagues frequently ask.  Write blog articles based on topics you know your market is curious about. Conduct market research and find what prospects are asking and searching for online. Create content that speaks to the need.  In doing that prospects will see you as the expert and you’ll be adding to your organic SEO!
3. Make room for creativity!
Who manages your social and digital marketing? Yourself, a team/team member, an outside agency?  At your direction be sure the author and designer of your online images and content is working from their most creative.  A place of positivity, willingness to educate, and who understands your goals.  Create a content planner to help with this process. 
4. Be a part of Google plus: 
Yes, I said Google Plus.  Google plus is well and alive, please stop asking if it's important. When you see the word Google attached to something, give it a second look. Make sure your page is properly set up and maintained. Google Plus is a great addition to your SEO results.  Keep the content fresh and consistent.  And engage, see the last bullet #5!
5. A healthy dose of engagement: 
Aside from posting content, writing articles, paid ads, email marketing and so on - it's important that you make time to connect with your audience. Respond to those LIKING your posts, commenting, talking about your industry, using hashtags. Ensure a strong presence of your brand online by having a voice in your industry. Be social.
You may wonder why these 5 steps? There are so many other avenues that need to be looked over. Well, sure! But this is a short blog to help you with content, inspire creativity, and to remind you of where to be and how to engage. If you need some additional help schedule a call to chat with our team, click here.

Wishing you a great rest of the year!

Margaret + The