Watch out 2022, here we come!

blogs from @fmseiden business owner advice planning Nov 10, 2021

The SocializeLA team is all-in for 2022.

Our mindset is grounded in hope and opportunity, and we feel like we’re already there. We are eager to move past the stress and uncertainty, and embrace our braver new world. There’s no “normal” to go back to, as far as we’re concerned. Because we can do so much better than “normal.” We are evolved, energized, and ready for what’s next.

Our approach for 2022 will incorporate some emerging trends, and some tried-and-true strategies. Our advice, and the tactics we are most excited about:

  • Embrace Extreme Personalization - hyper focused, targeted micro-campaigns will continue to redefine the marketing funnel as we know it. We have the ability to shorten the sales cycle through efficient, personalized messaging paired with a seamless experience from engagement to purchase, and beyond!
  • Own Your Audience - as 3rd party cookies go away, business owners who have systems in place to collect and utilize 1st party data will have a major competitive advantage. In practical terms, it's time to own your audience! We love social media, but would never recommend putting all of your eggs in one basket. Invest in your own digital real estate and communication channels to create meaningful connections with your audience and #FlexYourInfluence!
  • Prioritize Employee Engagement - as the lines between “work” and “life” continue to blur, people and culture have never been more important. Finding new ways to engage employees and reinforce their value can go a long way to strengthen your power as a unified team. (One of my favorite ways that SocializeLA does this is through IG takeovers. I love seeing each of our team members in the spotlight!)
  • Highlight Your Purpose - what do YOU believe, and how does your business help further that mission? Big themes from the past year and a half that we will carry with us into 2022 are empathy, social responsibility, and purpose. Everyone has experienced some adversity, even if they aren’t talking about it publicly. We will continue to serve our clients and members with sensitivity, flexibility, and compassion. We will say what we mean, do what we say, and do our part to make the world a better, more positive, more FUN place.
  • Plan, Plan, Plan - it always comes back to planning. New year, same philosophy -- having a plan is half the battle. (Maybe more!) We will continue to dedicate ourselves to consistent strategic planning, on behalf of our clients and for our own online presence. What was once a daunting task has become a comforting ritual and team-building exercise - a time to reflect, refocus, and innovate. ❤️

Ready to tackle 2022? Join us for our 2022 Marketing Planning event on December 1! Get the details and register:

We hope to see you there!

~ Faryn and the SocializeLA Team