Create your 2022 Marketing Plan!

Having a plan is half the battle. Avoid marketing mistakes • Be more efficient + exciting • Make more money

FEB 8, 2021 | 1-5:30PM PT



  • 2022 Event Workbook (digital)
  • Revive Your Digital - Online Course
  • The #FlexYourInfluence Master Planner (Print + Digital)
  • 5 Learning Sessions: Mindset, Themes, Calendar, Content, and Execution
  • Event Swag!
  • Content Calendar Template for 2022!
Let's do this!


(All times in PST)

1:00p - Meet + Greet, an introduction to the day. 

1:30p - Session 1: Mindset

1:45p - Break (15 min)

2:00p - Identifying themes for the year.

2:30p - Creating a calendaring system. We'll walk you through our tried and true SocializeLA content calendar system. 

3:15p - Lunch Break (45 Min)

4:00p - Calendaring part 2

4:30p - Content ideas, brainstorm, and longjevity

5:00p - A winning execution strategy! 

5:15p - Closing remarks/networking/share aha's.


  • Have you fumbled through digital marketing recently?

  • Are you shooting from the hip in your social media posts?

  • Do you stumble on what to say and what to post?  

I totally understand why business owners struggle in this area. If you know your marketing is lagging and you see how it may impact your business you’re actually in a great spot.  Awareness is super vital. It's what you do next that matters.

I’m not going to sugarcoat it for you:  Lack of planning is the issue.

But here’s the REALITY:  Getting started IS hard. I totally get it.  But if you don't EVER start. You'll never have the marketing you want.

You have to ask yourself ----

How much longer am I going to wait to update my online marketing?

You know that you want to make an impact your online viewers and attract new opportunities.

Why NOT now, right?

Why can’t you have what you want?

Here’s my challenge for you -- just say NO to feeling like you can’t do this yet because you're not ready. It’s not true.

Even though I KNOW this is a thing you shouldn’t feel, I also understand that it’s a totally valid feeling and so many business owners feel this way and I wanted to do something about it.

This content plan is your way OUT. Because it's a BIG project DONE-FOR-YOU that we've especially created for business owners who are struggling with getting started.

Let's do this together,

Margaret + The SocializeLA Team

P.S -- If this is something you struggle with a lot, can I make a suggestion? Schedule a time to talk with me for a few minutes. No cost, just another step in the right direction. Book a call here

In this planning event, you will learn about the role marketing plays within an organization, the impact that a strategic approach can have, and the components of a well-defined marketing strategy and overall business strategy. You will discover how to think strategically about the market you're in, why you're in that market, how you should show up online, and how to CONVERT. You'll also gain a strategic view of your organization's sales plan for the year.
Included 5 sessions, workbook, The #FlexYourInfluence Master Planner, and event swag!

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