Summer Reboot with Us! You're invited

Jul 05, 2019


We are halfway through the year and it’s time to STEP IT UP! It’s not too late to hit your year-end goals and we are here to help you do it! Let’s talk about how you can boost the energy around your digital marketing and build the momentum you need to finish the year STRONG! #flexyourinfluence #ROCKINGIT

Here's some food for thought

  • Are you aware of this MOBILE fact?
    Today consumers spend soooo much time browsing social media and websites from their mobile devices. This is why it’s super important that your website is optimized for mobile viewing. Some websites look great on a web browser from a laptop but can become annoying and hard to navigate from a phone. Is your mobile site clean and easy to read? Or does it look messy and cluttered on the screen? If it looks bad your viewers will notice. But don’t worry, we can totally help you with this! Give us a call!

  • Keep Up!
    One of the BEST things you can do for your digital marketing  is to stay current. We achieve this by constantly expanding our network of professionals and striving to always learn and grow. Attend seminars, conferences, and public speaking events hosted by other professionals in your industry. Or, volunteer to speak at a local university to foster connections. Even as CEO with TONS of items on my agenda, I make it a priority to connect and network locally and digitally! If you’re not sure how to start, need some inspiration, or want to connect with me and my team come to one of my events or join me LIVE on Facebook! 

  • Adjust Your Target
    Whether you are a new business owner or have been around for a while, it is important to reevaluate your target audience often. The digital arena is constantly changing and so is your target audience. Think about the different platforms you have available. A digital marketing post that works well on Facebook captures a different audience than an ad you create for Snapchat. Resist the urge to copy and paste the same ad to multiple platforms. It’s very important that your digital marketing posts are created for a specific platform. Instagram should get a different post than Twitter. It can be confusing and overwhelming to figure out how to optimize your post for all platforms but we can get you started!  

  • Recreate

    Let’s face it, the digital marketing world moves so quickly that it is super easy for our website and other platforms to take on an outdated appearance. There is nothing worse than a clunky old website that has become cluttered and boring! If you feel this way about your site don't get discouraged! We are experts in rebranding, refreshing, and organizing older websites. Don’t keep putting this off.


Now, let’s ROCK it! Join the Summer Reboot

At SocializeLA we are a team of passionate experts dedicated to helping you ROCK your digital marketing campaign.

Twice a year we offer a free workshop to help you get excited, identify your 1-3 next most impactful steps, and to help you achieve your goals! 

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Also here is how you can work with us with our Free Facebook Modern Marketing Support group, our Done-With-You services, and personal Discovery Sessions, we have all the tools and experience needed to help you and your business grow!