Reboot your digital marketing to impact your bottom line

Implementing a few activities can mean GROWTH in your sales and goals.

🖥 💬 Stop wishing, start doing

Being on social media isn't enough. Your actions need to be thoughtful, you need to post with purpose, and measure success. Don't worry, we've found a way to make this less complicated and more impactful!

How would it feel if your social media was 'working'?

Working means: a system that nurtures leads, showcases YOU as the EXPERT in your field, you are top of mind, and you are flexing your influence and showcasing your VISIBILITY, CREDIBILITY, and LIKE-ability!

Meet your guide!

Hello and what to expect!

Improve the visibility and exposure of your business.

  • Shorten the sales cycles with new prospects. YES!
  • Be known as the thought leader and influencer of your industry! YES!


Be ready for the second half of the year.

Is this you?

  • Are you fumbling with social media?
  • You have no idea how or why to create a sales funnel or lead magnet?
  • Do you post once in a while with no real strategy?
  • Do you struggle to identify what to say and what to post?
  • You can't find the time to build a plan or measure success?
  • Are you building your database and sending thoughtful emails with quality calls-to-action?
If this resonates with you I want to invite you to join the SUMMER REBOOT. You'll get so many of your questions answered!



Do you work in marketing? As an employee or consultant? This is a great place to help you understand the need to strategize and plan. Plus, to do it with a guide and new outlook!

Business Owners

Are you doing your own sales and marketing? If you are, you're about to breathe a breath of fresh air! We are going to identify your next online marketing move that will make a BIG impact!


Do you have goals of new sponsors and volunteers? We're going to align your goals with online activities that you can make to make an impact on your organizational goals!


Just starting a company? Not sure what you're doing, but you want to understand digital marketing. You're in the right place! Let's explore these new opportunities together.


On day one, we're going to get our mindset in check, and realign with our goals.  Will pause and reflect on the good, the left behind, and the possibilities.

Day two, is all about setting the stage of success. Together we'll create a plan that is realistic to you and your team. A plan that is meant for success and high impact.

On day three, we set the plan in motion. We'll create a week of content and review how to measure/manage success. You'll know next steps and you'll be on a cloud.

Your Investment?

Time. There is $0 Cost to join this SUMMER REBOOT.


The event will be delivered via Zoom (Webinar Software), once you register you'll be sent the links. Also, if you can't join on a day, you'll be given the recording. We'll have Q&A and Bonus items on our Facebook Group (Join here:

3 Days of fun!

July 15, 16, and 17th at 12:30p PST (Register for meeting details). Introduce yourself in the Facebook Event:











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