Planning in a Time of Uncertainty

at hand cmo business owner advice digital marketing Feb 15, 2021

(aka Planning in a Pandemic)

Planning might seem counterintuitive given the pace of change in our world today. We get it. But that doesn’t mean we should stop planning. It just means we should change the way we plan.

One of our top strategies for 2021 is “Agile Everything.” This mindset is enabling us to quickly adapt to all sorts of changes with confidence on behalf of our clients. We have taken the time to put systems in place so that our agency and client teams have a clear vision and definition of success, and the tools to make it happen.

So how do we do it? Through PLANNING! Disciplined, consistent, productive planning.

The foundation for planning is always the same: set goals, determine metrics for success, define the customer journey, and design a thoughtful content strategy. Once the high-level foundation is set, you can move into monthly planning and here’s where it gets agile.

Our secret sauce when it comes to keeping our marketing plans agile is THEMES! We designate monthly themes to guide our marketing content -- for ourselves and our clients. Having themes in place enables focused digital storytelling while still being broad enough to encompass a wide range of topics. This is especially valuable when it comes to quickly developing content in response to current events, changes in the marketplace, and feedback from customers.

If you’re having trouble focusing, it could be a result of clutter. A cluttered physical or digital space can make planning overwhelming, and that’s no fun! If you could use a digital declutter, you’re not alone! Start with our complimentary Spring Cleaning Checklist:

Happy Planning!

~ Faryn & the SocializeLA Team