Spring Clean Your Marketing with our CHECKLIST

This month focus on some simple steps to make a big impact on your marketing efforts. What you get: Checklist, Videos to inspire, and a chance to WIN!

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Easy steps to bridge the gap between marketing and sales.

The Basics

In the first week we'll focus on 5 foundations. And you'll get to focus on the basics that make a difference.

Prospect Facing

Doing business with you should be EFFORTLESS. These 5 spring cleaning tasks will set you up for NEW BUSINESS.


What your clients and fans don't see is just as important as what they do. Processes are EVERYTHING.


In this final week we'll look at advanced stages of your marketing + business. This will give you NEXT LEVEL.

Date/Times of the LIVES,
plus the CONTEST

  • Week 1, FRIDAY FEB 5, 9a PST: The Basics
  • Week 2, WEDNESDAY FEB 10, 4p PST: Prospect Facing
  • Week 3, THURSDAY FEB 18, 3p PST: Internal
  • Week 4, FRIDAY 26, 12p PST: Pro-Moves



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