Digital Marketing Then and Now

Mar 11, 2019

Digital communication is ever evolving. Digital marketing has been around for a while now, and it’s more important than ever that businesses take advantage at tools available to them. Let’s look back at some major changes in digital marketing over the last 10 years. If you find yourself living in the past, we’ll help you get your campaigns updated and running at top speed for 2019!

What We Say

When SocializeLA was founded 10 years ago, the term ‘digital marketing’ wasn’t a thing, it was internet marketing (marketing via the internet - makes sense). It was like looking at a billboard. It was boring. I set out to help businesses establish steady content that encouraged customers and clients to interact. The trend/technology evolved and 10 years later the possibilities are endless.  Playing fields have been leveled. Successful digital posts are ALL ABOUT interaction. We hope you gain some insight on how to make that interaction happen in this post.

If you’re feeling confused or overwhelmed about how to engage your viewers with your digital marketing campaign- reach out to us!! This is what we do.  

Offline to Online Marketing

In 2019 almost every business you can think of has an online presence of some kind. This includes location/directory/review pages that are automatically created whether you manage them or not.  Even now in 2019 clients come to us with websites that were created 10 years ago and haven’t been updated since. Clunky, difficult to navigate, no call-to-action (CTA) web pages that were thrown up onto the internet just for the sake of it. Even more common are the dead Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages that haven’t seen a new post in years.

When do you know it’s time to update? If you haven’t made an update recently, you’re embarrassed to send people to your website, or you don’t have a clear CTA. It's probably time to breathe life back into your online platforms. Wondering where to start? Join our free Facebook Community for tools and tips!


Quality Vs Quantity

10 years ago digital marketing campaigns were all about frequency. Sell, sell, sell. Businesses were jockeying for position on the news feed with the idea that the only way to get a consumer’s attention was to bombard them with enough ads to get noticed. These days posts like this get quickly blocked and unfollowed. No one has time to dig through ad after ad on their newsfeed. One thing I want to clarify is quality over quantity. We want to be posting regularly so our consumer can see our ads but it’s extremely important to make sure that we aren’t beating our consumer over the head with an advertisement either. Post regularly, post quality content.

What is quality content? Educational, inspirational, value-add content to yourself a thought leader and positive member of the online community. Think 80% value-add vs 20% sales content.

Not sure where to start? We can teach you! Let’s talk.


From Photo to Video

Today it is so easy to create videos on our phones from basically anywhere at any time and throw them up onto our digital marketing platforms. This is crazy cool! Videos are much better eye catchers than standard posts and encourage even more consumer interaction than photos. We also have tools like Facebook Live! If you haven't started going live on your social platforms you’re missing a HUGE and awesome new way to reach your consumers. Getting started with videos is intimidating if you aren't used to public speaking. That's okay! It’s not as hard as you think.


A Level Playing Field

At we work with everyone from solopreneurs to enterprises. 10 years ago, smaller businesses were getting lost in the shadow of their larger corporate competitors. Not anymore. These days it is so easy for small businesses to launch a top-notch digital marketing campaign and even run their entire business from online platforms. In the world of digital marketing, the size of the business becomes transparent and consumers are picking their products based on how much they connect with a particular digital campaign. Small businesses can achieve similar successes to big brands with the right digital marketing campaign. Are you still working on your 2019 digital campaign? Check out our Digital Strategy Planner and don't waste another second!


In House Team to Virtual Team

When I started SocializeLA most businesses around me didn't have digital marketing teams. I created SocializeLA as a trusted way for businesses of all sizes to be able to have the online presence they needed. Our company continues to be virtual with team members across the country. I'm able to hire the most talented candidate regardless of geographic region. Sometimes we get together in person, but most of our meetings are done over video chat and phone calls.

If you're looking to build a digital marketing team here's some ideas to get you started. 

We're honored to be your digital marketing resource.  Please let us know if you have questions. Contact us