5 Key Elements to Organize Your Digital Marketing Department

Mar 08, 2019

5 Key Elements to Organize Your Digital Marketing Department

Organizing your digital marketing department is necessary! When things get busy it’s soo so easy to get overwhelmed. You’ll feel like you just don't have the time to get it all done. That’s totally true and understandable! One of the things I’ve learned as a business owner is that the ability to delegate is more important than making sure every project is perfect. It will be hard to hand the reins over to your marketing team. Do it anyway. You have more important things to focus on like lead follow-ups and client meetings. So, let’s take your players off the bench and put them on the court, they are on your team after all.  


Your Project Manager

Basically, you have probably been managing every project at this point. It’s time to train someone on your team to take over or hire a qualified candidate to come in. This person will be your right hand when it comes to all things marketing. You’re looking for someone enthusiastic with experience in the industry and in management. We suggest holding weekly, monthly, and quarterly meetings with your project manager while letting them allocate tasks to other members of your marketing department. You can share your ideas and discuss progress directly with your manager while they take care of all tasks and deadlines. Resist the urge to put your eyes on every project before it goes out and instead invest your trust in your project manager. Can’t find a project manager or need help training one? Let our team join your team with our Done-With-You program!


Your Weight in Gold

You aren’t going to give up the reigns entirely. You’ll still need to make sure our marketing team is succeeding. By holding regular meetings with your team you’ll have the opportunity to measure exactly how profitable your digital conquests are. Measuring the success if your digital marketing campaign isn’t super easy to do but we can still use tools and figures to give us an idea of where we can improve. Don’t ignore details like facebook analytics and social media engagement. Your digital marketing team costs money to maintain, so we can’t afford to let it run without seeing a profit to our business in some way. Make sure to bring up figures like new leads, post interactions, and number of clicks with your Project Manager.  If you and your Project Manager are having trouble analyzing the success of your Digital Marketing campaign, book a Discovery Session with us and we’ll help you break it down!

Your Extra Hands

Depending on the needs of your company, you may find yourself looking for an extra pair of hands every now and then. You may only be able to employ a handful of year-round full-time team members but could use some extra insight on the side. This is where freelance and outsource options can strengthen your team. If you need help understanding where to build these bridges please reach out we can help you in the hiring and vetting process.


Your A-Team

As Digital Marketing becomes more popular the ability to be unique, fresh, and engaging becomes increasingly difficult. Your team of creative writers and freelancers are your key to exciting new content. This is why it's so important to take a step back and let your dream team do their thing. Open yourself to new concepts and strategies. Invite your content creators to take a stab at something new, encourage them to share ideas, and brainstorm together. You might be surprised by what they come up with when they have your support and respect. Use our Digital Strategy Handbook as a guide during your team brainstorming sessions.


Your Forward Momentum  

Don’t forget your WHY. Why is this important to you? What is your biggest inspiration for growth? We are doing this because we love it, even though it gets stressful and overwhelming, and crazy sometimes. It’s soo important that we continue to grow as business owners and don’t let our insanely busy schedule burn us out. Surround yourself with other professionals in your position by reaching out to your community. We’ve made so many strong friendships and connections through the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO.com) where we can attend global events with other passionate professionals. Being a part of this group has given us so many new ideas and inspiration!

Lastly, we encourage you to join a local community or our #FlexYourInfluence Free Facebook Community!