Will Twitter Soar Again? When did it stop?

May 01, 2015

I'm pretty sure this is a question stock holders are asking. Because the end user is quite happy with Twitter.

Your sponsored ads don't distract me at all, I'm able to bypass as I wish with no problem. Rarely are the ads even something I'm interested in. I'm assuming the ad platform is leaving much to be desired by the advertiser? My question, what are you doing with the audience once you paid to reach them? Are you joining conversations? Are you selling? Are you targeting the right audience in the first place?

Twitter isn't about having the most followers. Twitter is about conversations and interaction. If you have a selfish social media strategy I can guarantee you probably aren't seeing your goals, hopes, dreams, and Twitter aspirations being fulfilled.

Engagement on any social media platform is a thankless job. Sometimes the ROI is instant, some (most) of the time it isn't.

Even today in 2015 people see social media as a platform to sell their product or service. Social media is and always will be about relationships. Create relationships and you will 'sell' - if people can get to LIKE, KNOW, and TRUST you they will in turn buy from you.

This was my response to an article I read in USA Today.

Go Twitter!
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My opinion re: Twitter.

Twitter is:
-a beast of an online relationship tool.
-awesome for off page SEO (great social signal)
- it is the world's text messaging tool.
- great listening device for businesses, communities, non profit, etc.

Once you start monetizing site by selling ads, you cheapen the tool. I don't have the answer for Twitter and share holders. But I do know the answer is found in how awesome this platform really is for all (business, private/public sector, ALL) #socialmedia #twitter #USATodayMoney #MoneyMatters #BusinessMatters #Socialbusinessplan

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