The Profitable Social Media Road: Numbers Don't Lie

Aug 27, 2015

"Building an online audience takes time.  However, there are ways to make big waves and see results right away when you know your target audience." 

Each year we'll continue to see a shift in social media usage.  These stats will be outdated soon (if they aren't slightly already).  As a company you have the obligation to constantly market to the right audience.  Social media must be part of that effort (if you haven't leveraged this online space - you're behind). There is no time like the present to begin your journey on the profitable social media road. (continued below)

Stats via Pew Research Center

After reviewing these stats you may have these questions:

  • Why Google+? Although Google+ trails in comparison to other channels, Google is the 3rd most valuable brand in the world. Also, the leading search engine. In a nutshell, use Google+ for the search (SEO) benefits.
  • I thought Facebook was phasing out? Whoever told you Facebook is phasing out was wrong.  58% of social media users, use Facebook. Even if people hate Facebook, they still use it.  For any other platform to take the place of Facebook it would have to happen over time. Platforms that have come on the scene more recently (Instagram, Pinterest, SnapChat) offer specialized options for users. Most of these platforms always include an integration to Facebook. Facebook is the mothership for now.
  • I still don't understand why I should use social media. At this point in 2015, you need to produce some type of content. There's a 24/7 networking/tradeshow event happening online all day everyday. If you aren't producing content to get your audience to KNOW, LIKE, TRUST you, then you're doing your company an injustice. Think of social media other than just social (photos of babies, food, and political whining). Consider this: SEO, evidence that you are knowledgeable and friendly, listening tool, visibility, and MUCH MORE. 

Take a moment and think if there are any noticeable adjustments you should make.

Take these steps after you've identified your audience: Create your #SocialBusinessPlan

  • Find your voice
  • Craft your messaging
  • Be consistent
  • Create your customer journey (Call-to-action)

Next week we'll dive deeper into these next steps.

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