The Authenticity Cycle

May 09, 2016

Authenticity leads to impressions, leads to clicks, leads to conversions. (Don't worry I'll explain below!)

If you want social media to "work," you'll need to make sure you're being authentic. Let's back track a minute, let me define "work." I talk in great length with business owners and marketing departments about their social media efforts and hear a lot of the same feedback. Some have given up because they say it doesn't "work." Others have not even tried because they just don't know how to "work" it. I guess what they're trying to say is... they haven't seen the results of their social media efforts. So, what's going wrong? Let me give you a GIANT piece of advice: your social media can only "work" if you first stop pushing your product or service and instead become a valuable participant.

Social media is SOCIAL media. Social media is NOT a business card board.

If you want to see results, you'll need to play the game. The game of being genuine.

How can you measure success if you don't know what success looks like? Social media success looks different for everyone. The first step is to set milestones and goals for yourself. Here are a couple of measurements to monitor: following, reach, clicks, sign ups, and inquiries. These help generate conversions.

What is a conversion (in digital marketing terms)? The point at which a recipient of your marketing message takes a desired action. When your audience responds to your call-to-action.

A successful conversion for a brick and mortar differs from a service provider who conducts business virtually. Either way all online marketing MUST be measured in some way.


Use these prompts (either in text or on top of an image):
-Click Here
-Register Now
-More Info
-Buy Now
-Get Started
-Give us a try
-Join Now
-Learn More

to guide your audience to a desired location:
- Landing Page
- Blog
- Buy /Shop Page
- Sign Up Page
- More info Page
- Event Registration
- Social Media page

Make sure this page is related in some way to your post. Try not to just send your reader to a generic home page. Often times a website homepage offers too many options and confuses your audience. Be very specific in what action you want them to take.


You'll first need to create a content calendar. This is your space to brainstorm content ideas and campaigns. This is where you can note upcoming holidays, events, and other date specific topics.

At SocializeLA, our creative team generates a list of possible content and a second list of CTA goals. Then we pair them together. Here's what a typical week might include: a motivation, industry tip, a promo or sales post, and a shout out to a community partner. We make sure to follow a strategic 80/20 rule. 80% Fun and Valuable content + 20% sales content.

In everything you post, write, and publish seek to educate and engage. In doing so, you WILL find that people see you as the authority in your industry. Which leads to your VISIBILITY, CREDIBILITY, and LIKEability. You'll see more impressions to your content, more clicks to your websites, and definitely more conversions. If you have questions please comment below or reach out to us.

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