Just Sayin': 2016 Presidential Election

Sep 18, 2015

"Dear Presidential contenders of 2016, do yourself a favor and use a memorable hashtag."

Next year (2016) is a Presidential Election year (YAY, exciting). I remember as a little girl voting day, and the excitement of the results. One specific election I remember was in 1992. I was at the softball fields where my mom and co-workers played co-ed softball. To include my teacher, teacher friends, dad, and various staff.  Such a fond memory. There we heard the news, I'm assuming by radio. There were no cell phones, definitely no smart phones. Although I never did get 'into politics' I do love the process and my country.  

I started my company in 2009. We focus on helping businesses attract and retain their client base. My brain is constantly wrapped up in social media, marketing, and the thought process of consumers. As I begin to see more and more campaigning something dawned on me...

Due to the constant growth of social media we WILL see another INCREASE in voter turnout. Since the mid 90's voter turnout has increased (still have LOW turnout across the board). There are dozens of organizations campaigning for people to vote.  How are they getting their message across? Billboards, Nah... TV, maybe... Radio, sure... Social Media, ABSOLUTELY.  People attracted by social media, speak 'social media'.  

If you want to be a strong contender you must have a lively social media presence. The social consumer (voter) loves to be entertained and educated (in microbytes). How do you do that?

  • Have a memorable hashtag! #MargaretBrown2016 doesn't cut it. Choose something that connects with the people. People want to connect with you. They want to feel like they're part of something. Like they know you.
  • Be part of the conversation. Listen, comment, and be social. 
  • Engage with influencers. Influencers have a following, engage with them to gain access to their audience.
  • In everything you do, be genuine. 

The election is business, individuals contend for this business every four years. The same social media principles apply to traditional business. Visibility, Credibility, LIKEability your rules to live by. Be present, engage, and be genuine. 

Make the public look and make the public think.

My hope is no matter what happens, it's for the greater good of our United States.  

Below I shared a photo from the first televised debates. No doubt there were people who believed this wasn't a good idea or necessary. Technology is good for progress.  As long as we use it productively of course (Anthony Weiner, eek).

Margaret Brown
Twitter @MargMarieB

The first televised presidential debate held on Sep 26, 1960 in Chicago between
John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon.