Just do marketing.

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Just Do Marketing

Q: What’s the secret to successful marketing?

A: Doing marketing. 

Sounds easy, right?

Just…do marketing!

Here’s the catch: you have to do it a lot. All the time. Consistently. 

Yes, having a strategy and best practices are important. But want to know what’s more important? 

DOING the actual marketing. 

✔️ Posting the posts. (And Stories. And Reels.)

✔️ Responding to the comments.

✔️ Publishing the blog.

✔️ Launching the podcast.

✔️ Sending the email newsletter.

✔️ Going LIVE in the Facebook Group.

✔️ Managing the Google Business Profile.

Of course, you don’t have to do ALL of these things ALL the time.

But you do have to do SOME of these things, MOST of the time. To build meaningful relationships with your audience you have to build a CONSISTENT online presence.

Our favorite ways to ensure consistency: 

  • Plan ahead! Digital or paper, it doesn't matter - documentation is the first step.
  • Stay flexible - life happens, and that’s ok. No one will notice if you miss a post (we promise!)
  • Have fun - and create a system that works for you!
  • Don’t overthink every post - sometimes done really is better than perfect. 

💡 Want some help getting started? Check out our fun and easy-to-use 90 Day Content Template!

We're all in this together. One post at a time. Let's go!

~ Faryn & the SocializeLA Team