Inbound Marketing: More Than Meets the Eye

Aug 18, 2015

Inbound Marketing Serves Your Business in more ways than you can imagine!

A valuable piece of advice: Inbound marketing is important to your business (B2B, B2C, Government, Utilities, etc..). Why? Using your (strategic) content to market (content marketing) your company is the BEST way to increase your VISIBILITY, CREDIBILITY, and LIKEability. Share your content through your blogging, social media, email marketing, video, and more. These are the leading ways to lead generation.

Using social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc) and email/video marketing is great for business, you can turn strangers into customers and brand advocates. You generate exposure online for your products and services - which leads to new customers, word of mouth, and brand ambassadors. Inbound marketing strategies allow you to showcase your brand, and help your audience to LIKE, KNOW, TRUST you. By publishing original content you are showing off your expertise, experience, and love of what you do.  

Consistent Content = Consistent Lead Generation

Steps to consider:

  1. Brainstorm clear & focused key features/benefits of your company. (For copy)
  2. Identify your keywords for SEO and so you know how your audience performs a Google search. 
  3. Using your features/benefits craft lively content around for your blog posts, infographics, videos, ebooks, guides, etc. (create a schedule, be consistent)
  4. Create your call to action (newsletter sign up, download, video, free offer, trial offer, landing page, etc...)
  5. In addition to publishing content on your channels ALSO engage. Chat and comment with like minds, target audience, etc...

(Please let us know if you need more information about these 5 steps)

Give yourself 3-6 months of consistent inbound marketing and reap the rewards.

These are stats showing the possibility when inbound marketing is done consistent and strategic!

Strangers notice you, prospects take you more seriously, and customers continue to adore you. 

Here's a list of benefits of inbound marketing that you may have never considered. Publishing content is not in vain. You may not always get immediate action (and sometimes you do), here are the powerful add-benefits:

Greater Exposure 
Online activities (such as social media) consumes the time of many people (your target audience). Be part of that conversation. Make sure you're fully exposed. 

A Showcase for Your Brand
Without showcasing your brand. Content should be valuable and fun. Please stop/do not consistently post sales messages. It's insulting to the social consumer. Educate, motivate, inspire, and be friendly.

Listening Tool
Social listening helps you monitor your brand, trends, and competitors. Establish listening tools and take time to observe conversations.

Generate Leads
Consistently adding value will get you noticed. Getting noticed drives traffic to your calls to action. More traffic means more leads. 

More Customers
Your leads become your customers. Be sure you're ready to WOW these leads so they convert to paying customers.

Customer Relations
Use your online presence to WOW your customers. Listen to them, laugh with them, and offer additional value. A great path to customer loyalty.

Customer Loyalty
If you offer a loyalty or affiliate program be sure to integrate social and public components.  Encourage sharing. 

Rank Higher
Your content across your website, blog, video, social media, and other online channels significantly improves your search results. SEO rules of 2015 highly regards social signals, website traffic, and original content. 

Minimize Marketing Cost
Through inbound marketing you get to know the online activities of your customer. Knowing this will help you create stronger paid ads (if you choose to go that route). Minimize your costs by being informed. 

It's my hope that this article steers you in the right direction or maybe confirms what your team is already doing.  

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