Defining Growth

at hand cmo blogs from @fmseiden digital marketing Apr 06, 2021


/Ι‘rōTH/  noun

  1. the process of increasing in physical size.

Growth is the process of growing, which is defined by Merriam-Webster as “increasing in size or amount.” While this is the traditional (and literal) definition of the term, the team at SocializeLA thinks of growth in a different way. We see growth as improvement. Getting better.

I asked our team what growth means to them, and love their responses: 

  • Progress, even on a small scale. It all adds up. -- Sarah
  • For me, GROWTH anywhere starts with personal growth. Evolving as a person, mind, body + soul. The more I focus on personal growth, the more growth I see in my professional life, community passions, and relationships. -- Margaret
  • To me growth means you’re not where you used to be! No matter how much or how little you’ve grown! -- Hannah
  • For me, it’s acknowledging our good, our bad, learning from our mistakes, willing to be taught something new, being proud of ourselves when we make little or big accomplishments. Being a better version of ourselves each and everyday. -- Teresa

While “growth” is a common key performance indicator for our clients, there are so many different ways to define it. When we help our clients establish marketing goals, we think of growth as subjective and strategic. This looks different for every business, just as it does for every individual.

For me, growth isn’t always about “more.” Sometimes doing less is the best way to gain: focus | efficiency | referrals | confidence | happiness. Ultimately, it’s doing more of what I love and less of what I don’t.

Here’s to a new season of growth, from our team to yours. 🌱 

~ Faryn Maya Seiden, Digital Strategy Director