Create your 2016 #SocialBusinessPlan

Nov 15, 2015

Year after year we help our community, clients, and friends understand best practices for online marketing. As we exit 2015 we want to look back at what worked, didn't work, and focus on value. 

In this post we'll share 3 of 7 top social media tips for 2016.  

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1. Don't ignore social media for another year. 

Your online reputation is key to your business growth. There is no way around this.  The longer you wait the further behind your competition you'll find yourself.  This isn't a scare tactic to get you to buy into anything. This is your friend telling you to get started. You don't need to go big or go home, quite the opposite - start where you feel comfortable. 

2. Think of a way to integrate video.

If you've been around me for any amount of time I'm constantly reminding you that your online presence shortens the sale cycle because people feel like they LIKE you before they meet you.  This happens through posts, email marketing, engagement and especially through video.  There is nothing but noise online and text sometimes gets lost. (Text is great though, it's still important!)

Video is awesome for intros, ads, tips, announcements, and more!

3. Send a monthly email to your community, clients, and prospects

It doesn't need to be a sales message. It is a hello, 'what we've been up to', events, tips, and maybe a special.  It's important to stay connected and consistent.  Think of ways to make your email interesting and something the recipient can and should refer back to throughout the month. Start growing your list.  Add incentives to getting on your monthly news list.  Depending on your industry you may consider multiple emails.  

This is all the info we have to share for now.  Join us next Wednesday and we'll dive deeper into the top 7 things to add to your social media strategy.  If you have questions post below or send us an email at connect @ 

Have a great weekend!
Margaret Brown
Founder, ANROMA -

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