Our 7 Points of Excellence

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And why you should care. 

Over the course of our 13 years in business, we’ve learned what it takes to build and maintain strong relationships that enable business success. Our instincts have evolved with each new project we undertake. Our successes – and our failures – have made us who we are today.

We know how to set a project up for success from the beginning. We also know how to properly onboard new clients, partners, and SocializeLA team members so they feel educated, supported, and ready to thrive in our fun and fast-paced world.

We know these things inherently.

But we had never written them down until now. Why is that important?

Because we are growing!

As a growing business, we need documentation. It’s that simple.

Our CEO is focusing her energy and creativity on big, groundbreaking, exciting initiatives. She is doing CEO things! Which means she can’t possibly be in every meeting. She can’t respond to every email. And she can’t be the only one representing SocializeLA in our community.

We need all of our team members to be empowered to confidently represent the agency, and provide excellent service to each of our clients and members. 

Enter the 7-Points of Excellence Checklist.

An articulation of our commitment to excellence, created by our senior team and public for all to see. As a pledge to anyone who works with us.

Peep the checklist here:


Questions? Our Open Door Policy is real. We’d love to hear from you. ☎️

~ Faryn & The SocializeLA Team