How To Make This The Year You Finally Shine Online

digital marketing social media Jan 17, 2019

It’s 2019! Can you believe it? Don’t you hate when people say that? It’s kind of repetitive because most people say it every year.  Which is why I've waited to post this message. [Strategy]

The truth is I can’t believe it’s a new year. Every year seems to fly by faster and faster. 

We make those big goals. We have those big plans. We go to crowded gym classes and buy piles of self help books. We vow to spend less time on our emails and to have more of a social life.  Everyone goes in with the same mindset: This is going to be THE YEAR. 

That enthusiasm and positive energy only tend to last for a few weeks (maybe months) before falling back into even older habits and then the enthusiasm cycle starts up again around December 29th of the next year.

While I don’t have the key to making all of the positive changes you want to make stick, I can tell you exactly what you can do to make sure that 2019 is the year you finally shine online (this is my specialty).  I know this is a goal you’ve had and you’ve tried a lot of things before so what makes this year different? I’ll give you a few pieces of advice to make sure it actually is DIFFERENT.

Here's a start:

  1. Identify (honestly) your challenges and seek help.  What has stopped you from being consistent in your digital marketing? 

    Has it been lack of understanding, resources, team members?  Here's where I can help.  A simple Discovery Session can answer years of delays and confusion.  Book your session

  2. Take advantage of FREE resources

    If you're not ready to invest money in your marketing, you'll need to be ready to invest time. And there are so many resources.  Here's two from us: Digital Marketing Guide and our FREE Facebook Group 

  3. Carve out time for your marketing.

    Don't let this be something you do if you have time. Make sure you're blocking minimum 3-5 hours. Organize and plan content ideas. Here's our content planner to help: Amazon purchase


Ultimately, making this year YOUR year to SHINE ONLINE is about doing things in a way you never have before. You have to remember that you don’t succeed in making your goals a reality by doing things the same way you’ve always done them. Something MUST change. It’s not enough to have the declaration. If it was, you would have figured this out YEARS ago. If you really want to shine online, it’s time to make some changes.

While I can’t personally wave a magic wand to do this, I’ve realized that when it comes to shining online, you have to start with acknowledging that digital marketing is not going anywhere and your business needs it. Our Digital Marketing Guide will help you take the first step. You can grab it here.

I know how hard it is to actually take this first step. That’s why it’s your goal for 2019, right? I’d love to invite you to work with me this year. I share a lot in these free posts and in my emails but there’s nothing like that 1-on-1 connection and in-depth work to really make a change.  So much of my work is about helping business owners develop the skills needed to really succeed at digital marketing. If you are really passionate about making this year the year you go in 2020 knowing it’s DONE, let’s work together.

 Sign up for a call with me to see how we can help: schedule your call


Margaret and the Team