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Mar 27, 2013

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I came across this awesome infographic on LinkedIn today - thought I should share.


  1. Keywords in Your Profile
    This is important for any online profile. Your brand, keywords, and name on any social media or website adds to your SEO. Be sure to be consistent with the words you use. Take time to figure out which keywords you should be using.
  2. Who Do You Want to Be Seen As?
    LinkedIn is not Facebook - and it certainly isn't MySpace (Circa 2007). Remember your audience and goal on LinkedIn. Although personalization is very important. You want to limit what you post. Keep it professional, your next employer could be reading this.
  3. Tell Us Your Story
    Be real. Don't be so over the top with your bullet points of all your accomplishment. Give enough information to get someone interested in learning more.
  4. Use a Professional Profile Photo
    Use your best judgment. Maybe you don't have time to go have a professional photo taken. At least be in business/business casual attire in this photo. I'd hope this goes without saying but with over 800 connections I see some pretty interesting profile pics. Not good: No photo, Blurry/Bad quality, Too casual.
  5. Use Your Profile Link
    Take note of your profile link and use it anywhere you can. Email signature, website, etc... Make it easy for people to connect with you.

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