5 Steps to a Successful Call-to-action

Jun 10, 2019

Digital Marketing is a multi-step process. Great content always needs to be accompanied by a call-to-action (CTA). A CTA is the specific action you want your audience to take after they’ve been inspired/attracted to the content you just posted.  An example: “Buy Now”, “Sign Up”, “Learn More” or similar followed by a link to a page on your website. By using a CTA you are directing viewers to the next step while increasing your sales in the process. CTA’s can sometimes fall flat if you don’t use them correctly.  Don’t worry, we can walk you through this! 

  1. Get to the Point!

    Your CTA should be short and descriptive. Here is just one example of a quick and easy CTA: Join our Free Facebook page for more tips! When you read this CTA you know exactly what it means before you click it. By being straightforward and concise, your viewers can clearly see that you are making a suggestion and decide whether or not they are interested in following through.

    Here’s a few more:
    - Visit our online store
    - Sign up for our monthly tip
    -Get a quote

    Try some of these with your next social media post! Make sure the link you use for your CTA is updated and accurate! Looking for more help?

  2. Create excitement around your CTA

    One of the struggles you might face is to try not to sound like a car salesperson. No one wants to shove your product down the digital throats of your viewers or pressure them in any way (diversity of content is key). What you DO want is to connect with the audience that is excited about your service, and most likely to take action and learn more. You can do this by publishing authentic and accurate content about your industry to your audience (give value). This is best utilized in the form of blogs and newsletters. Create an informative and innovative blog that offers real and helpful information about your industry and use a link to this blog as your CTA. This will help you connect with the viewers that are interested in your industry and want to know more.

    Check out our top digital marketing tips in our free facebook group!

  3. Run a Promotion

    Running a promotion can be a fun way to use a CTA. If you have recently released a new product or service, you can offer an exclusive offer with a CTA to Sign-Up. For example, you can write a CTA like Limited Time Bonus for New Members!

    Make sure you don’t overplay this card, there are several businesses on social media that post promotions and nothing else. You will lose your credibility if you constantly post sales. Not sure how to promote your business? Let’s work it out together in a Discovery Session!

  4. Freshen up Your Landing Pages

    Once you identify a CTA, you need to make sure your Landing Page is ready for viewers. A common mistake is having a CTA that directs to an outdated, boring, or confusing web page. If your website hasn't been updated in a while your CTA may not convert. Take some time to bring your website landing pages up to date before you send your viewers to look at them! Need help with a website? Let’s talk!

  5. Try a variety of  Landing Pages

    Don’t always send your audience to the same page. Mix it up and give them something different. If your company publishes a new blog, send them there! If you are just about to release a new Newsletter packed with deals, use a SUBSCRIBE link as a CTA! There are several places on your website that you can use as landing pages and you might find that some landing pages are more successful than others!

    Now it’s time for you to put this into practice.  You might have noticed that we included a few CTA hotlinks of our own in this post and we encourage you to click on them and watch where they take you!


If you need more help here’s a couple of options:

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To your success!

- The SocializeLA Team