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Did you know... If you could just dedicate a few focused hours on social media you could:

  • Build the bridge to convert sales.
  • Create visibility to referrals, speaking opportunities, and more.
  • Flex your influence to boost your bottom line.

You’ve probably tried to get this off the ground. You may have:

  • Attended webinars.
  • Bought courses.

And you’re exactly who I designed the #FlexYouInfluence Community for.

Hear from a couple of our Flex'rs

Toni, @tonibdiscover

Belonging to the #FlexYourInfluence Community has helped me plan marketing and set up processes through which I brainstorm and strategize. Without her education and direction, I would be floundering in chaotic ideas and then stuck in my limited knowledge. Besides my professional growth, I have enjoyed connecting with other members and having fun while being productive.

Amy Graves, @amg.consultants

I joined the #FlexYourInfluence Community and it's been an amazing experience. I found my tribe of marketing people. From Margaret's mentoring to support from the group as a whole. I frequently post questions and ask for advice in the Facebook Group. As a solopreneur I need others to bounce my ideas off of. The group has given me proactive advice and has helped me to keep my business moving forward. Joining this group was one of the best decisions I made for my business.

Your path of Success


This is NOT for you if you or your team member:

  • Don't see the value of digital marketing.
  • Don't have a single second to spend on your digital marketing.
  • Not ready to focus.


In our #FlexYourInfluence Community you get:

  • >>> Our EXACT success structure to time management.
  • >>> Direction on how to create an awesome content calendar every month
  • >>> Instruction on how to use tools, graphics, and software
  • >>> An easy-breezy fill-in-the blank model so you can plug and play in just MINUTES
  • >>> Access to the SAME format I've used to project manage and publish social media, emails, podcasts, blogs and more.
  • >>> Done-with-you weekly prompts out of the #FlexYourInfluence Planner (digital version included. Learn more

I can’t wait for you to get started creating content that nurtures and converts!


Here's the deal.

You don’t need more education. Let me say that again, YOU DO NOT NEED MORE EDUCATION.

You know who you are. You know what you’re about. And you probably know that more education isn't the answer.

You need IMPLEMENTATION. Period.

Doesn’t that feel better?

You’re not alone.

Friend, this is for you if...'re tired of struggling and ready to start experiencing digital marketing accomplishment...

  • Does the mere thought of social media overwhelm you?
  • Have you 'tried' social media and it hasn't worked
  • You struggle to be consistent
  • You never know what to say 
  • You're not sure where to post
  • Stories, huh? Algorithms, what? All the options are too confusing
  • It seems to come so easy for others? 
  • Sometimes people wonder if you're still in business?

It's frustrating. You are INFLUENTIAL, but your online presence doesn't reflect that. You know you're the thought leader in your industry, it's time you entered the online landscape.  The path to VISIBILITY, CREDIBILITY, and LIKEABILITY is found in being confident and consistent online.


How would your business shift if you started experiencing this...

  • A lead magnet that converts
  • CUSTOMER JOURNEY that attracts, delights, and refers.
  • Your social media was building and nurturing new relationships.
  • Your content was converting new leads and clients.
  • You knew what to say online.
  • Your prospects were saying "I found you online." 

This would be life changing for you and your business.  The possibilities are endless! 

I'm Margaret Brown! 

I've spent the last 10 years of my career solving the 'social media is hard' question for my clients and members.  Your struggles are the reason I launched the #FlexYourInfluence community. Serving clients 1-on-1 has so many limitations. This community is my way of being able to serve hundreds of business owners. Follow me on Instagram @MargMarieB

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  • Private Facebook Group

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  • Monthly Training
  • Weekly Guidance
  • Instant access to our courses
  • Virtual Coworking Online
  • Planning Days
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  • Content Calendar Prompts
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  • Private Facebook Group
  • Digital copy of the #FlexYourInfluence Planner
  • Power Hour with the Team. 



Pricing from

  • Limited to 10 Seats

  • All Monthly Member Benefits, Plus:
  • Digital Marketing Plan
  • Unlimited email support with Margaret + the Senior Team
  • 1 Power sessions per month with Margaret or the Senior Team
  • 8 Custom social media images monthly for your business.
  • Monthly Planning call with the SocializeLA Account Manager.
  • Print copy of the #FlexYourInfluence Master Planner mailed to you.
  • Welcome Gift

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  • Mid-Year Business/Marketing Review with our CEO+Founder [1-Hour Session] ($450 Value)
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  • Discovery Session. ($325 Value)

Every month you get...

  • Content Calendar
  • Unlimited hot seats
  • Trello board templates
  • Monthly Guides
  • Done for you templates in canva
  • Done for you copy
  • Group virtual meetings
  • 24/7 Facebook Group access
  • A team of marketing professionals with various experience to answer your questions and guide you
  • Accountability to help you succeed!

The #FlexYourInfluence community trains and equips you.

The community is your secret tool. It will reduce your trial and error, empower you to find what works best, support you when you need help, and turn you into a social media rockstar!

The community is designed for you: the business owner, the marketing professional…


Need direction and guidance so you can move forward with confidence?

You’re not alone. So many successful professional struggle daily with this, and now they've found the place where they get the guidance and inspiration they need to stay on track - The #FlexYourInfluence Community.

Picture this:

  • Knowing how to successfully implement strategy.
  • Having the guidance you need to make important marketing decisions.
  • Having a close group of peers who are likeminded—your always-available, go-to group who you can ask any question or present any new ideas to.
  • Imagine moving forward with confidence in your strategy and content!
  • Have peace of mind, knowing you are up-to-date with everything that matters in modern Marketing

This is why we exist: We have created the community you need to confidently succeed!