The first step in right direction.

MODERN MARKETING: Before you move forward or decide to stay put, gain some clarity around where you're going, where you should be going, and how you're going to get there. Simplify your marketing by being crystal clear.

Watch the Demo

A 3-MIN demo with our CEO and Founder, Margaret Hernandez.

In the CLARITY phase, in addition to having the opportunity to ask your questions:

  • SocializeLA will examine and analyze the landscape of your business. (Competition, trends, influencers, etc...)
  • Better understand what you want for your business. What is compelling you to dive deeper into your MODERN MARKETING.
  • A completed best practices survey of your current social media and website. (Using our Visibility, Credibility, and LIKEability rubric.) To include observation and recommendations on several key areas of your marketing.
  • An SEO analysis report of the current technical performance of your website with a comparison with a competitor. 
  • 2-3 next realistic steps to move forward. Plus, a first-phase overview of an expansion to your exploratory plan.
  • A renewed enthusiasm for your business and marketing!

Is it time get 💎 CRYSTAL CLEAR?

  • Clarity sessions are best for business owners, marketing departments, and professionals who want to be more strategic in their marketing approach.

  • This is for all levels of businesses and digital expertise. 

What's included:

  • 2 /1-one-1 Sessions with Margaret Brown (30 Min session, followed by a 60 Min session - approx 4+ days after)
  • Performance report of your website and social media. (SEO Audit Report)
  • Clarity Session Playbook, customized for you. Includes:
    -VISIBILITY, CREDIBILITY, and LIKEABILITY survey of your current social media and website.
    - A report of next best steps that you and your team can take immediate action on.
    - 2 powerful THINK TANK sessions.


If you decide to move on with additional services you will receive a credit of up to $175.

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